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PR and marketing partnership
WHAT: brand creation and development, credibility, awareness, creating FOMO, crisis management, marketing mix

We choose our business partners based on their compatibility with our values, and strive to build our relationships on mutual respect, transparency and flexibility. In this way, we help business reach their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work with those who are interested in breaking out of traditional molds and creative performance. Together, we control who says what about you and your company.
Personal brand
—Media publications
—Social media
Also we help you assemble a portfolio of professional publications in order to apply for an O - 1 visa, the UK Global Talent visa, the French Tech visa, Portuguese highly qualified worker visas and more— wherever you need a personal brand as a recognized expert.
VC communications
We assist startups with fundraising and investors and accelerators with help investors and accelerators find the best teams on the market.

—Roundup news
—Startup competitions and camps
Deep research and a step-by-step action plan that can be implemented either by our specialists or your in-house team — which we can help you form as well. We’ll help you formulate your goals, challenges, missions, tone of voice, key messages, audience, anti-crisis plan, talking points, brand pyramid, media map, competition, information pool and more.
We are a young team, and we pride ourselves on our speed, boldness and adaptability
Every tool we use is chosen for a reason. Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals through a mixture of classic PR with digital marketing tips. We use our huge network, we know creative methodologies, and we know the market very well.

The key to our success is beginning with the creation of your personal brand. People trust people, not companies. The core principle here is sincerity. Be honest with yourself, your team, your investors and your customers. After that, trust in the product will come naturally.
Our core value is the ecology of communication
We admire those who make the world a better place through new ideas and technologies, and it brings us great joy to help them
Digital Marketing Guru
Helga Makarenko
Digital Marketing Specialist
Maria Katunina
Junior PR manager
Ann Aistova
PR manager
Katya Charushina
PR manager
Anna Emelyanova
Junior Digital Marketing specialist
Mira Smelykh
Digital Marketing specialist
Elena Fomina
Project Manager
Artem Ivannikov
Olya Postnikova
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Anastasia Veremyova
A friend of the Global Women in Tech, and Uskillz communities
Speaker at EDCRUNCH, along with Esther Wojcicki, Pasi Sahlberg and Tomohiro Hoshi; RBK, Skolkovo, YES SHE CAN, together with Taryn Andersen and Natalia Mochu
Expert at the Astana Hub accelerator, the British Higher School of Design, growth programs for startups in the Baltic countries and elsewhere
Creator and curator of a course on creative tools for PR professionals at IKRA —so creating working plans is a natural skill and major advantage of our team
Mentor for business PR professionals and communication adviser to startups.
Professional networker.
Worked toward business targets of impact and charity projects in CIS, Europe, USA and Asia.
Founder & CEO / CBDO Strategist and visionary
Anastasia and her team are tech PR, media relations and brand reputation professionals. In addition to their professionalism and enormous network of tech industry contacts, I want to praise their deep engagement and personal approach to each and every case. The team distinguishes themselves through their close attention to their clients, partners and every other member of the process, which is truly valuable for any business.
head of communications Leta Capital
Alina Gegamova
PR and brand building aren’t quick work, so you have to approach these processes with a company that’s easy and pleasurable to work with, especially on a personal level. The Trust team is all about a thoughtful, human approach combined with exemplary professionalism. They seek out the strong sides of a person brand and/or company, match them up with market trends, pick up the tasks that you never have time for, and add a sprinkle of creativity. The result is PR activity that stands out from the market and yields results.
Oksana Pogodaeva
Anastasia and her team are very responsible and proactive in their work. They are professional in external communications with clients. There was a sense that we weren’t working with an outside agency, but all on the same team instead. I’m happy to recommend them as excellent specialists.
Alina Nilsson
---------------------------------------to welcome people who love their work and want to grow fast in an ecological, sustainable way.
to welcome people who love their work and want to grow fast in an ecological, sustainable way.
It’s important to our entire team that each of our actions, from choosing a client to preparing the main talking points of an article, have a real impact on the market: we do work that actually changes things and helps people. We recognize that a lack of meaning in daily routines destroys creativity, initiative, love for one’s own work and the capacity for growth.
For us, professionalism means strategic thinking at every step: understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, and both the small and large results that it yields; constant learning and growth; and a high level of personal responsibility, emotional intelligence and initiative.
, dynamism and productivity don’t conflict with your conscience and a priority on your own health.
Strategically, working 24/7 without the ability to rest and recover have a negative effect on all the results of your work, and certainly don’t help your creativity, careful communication and ability to learn.
We think it’s important to work for a long time, grow as a team and invest in each other—but creating a system where people burn out quickly and need frequent replacement isn’t interesting to us at all.
and productivity don’t conflict with your conscience and a priority on your own health.
welcome people who love their work and want to grow fast in an ecological, sustainable way.
dynamism and productivity don’t conflict with your conscience and a priority on your own health.
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