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Tilda Publishing
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WHAT: brand creation and development, credibility, awareness, creating FOMO, crisis management, marketing mix
WHY: fundraising, HR branding, product launches, growth, scaling in new markets

We choose our business partners based on their compatibility with our values, and strive to build our relationships on mutual respect, transparency and flexibility. In this way, we help business reach their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. We work with those who are interested in breaking out of traditional molds and creative performance. Together, we control who says what about you and your company.
WHAT: deep research and a step-by-step action plan that can be implemented either by our specialists or your in-house team—which we can help you form as well. We’ll help you formulate your goals, challenges, missions, tone of voice, key messages, audience, anti-crisis plan, talking points, brand pyramid, media map, competition, information pool and more

— honestly assess Point А—where you stand right now
— outline in detail Point B—where you want to be
— find and create the tools that will help you along that path